The Perfect Cat Eyeliner

Simple, perfect cat eyeliner in seconds

Created by celebrity Makeup Artist, Rachel Herrera, the patented Cat Eyes by Raquel stamp kit makes achieving various cat eye looks as simple as one, two, three!

It's as Easy as...


Apply liquid eyeliner to the Cat Eyes tool.

Using your favorite liquid eyeliner, brush a thin layer of liquid on the left shape of the Cat Eyes tool.


Line up with the outer corner of the eye and stamp it on.

Using a mirror, line up the Cat Eyes shape with the outer corner of the eye and press down lightly. Sharpen and fill in the shape if needed. Bring the liner across the eye at the lash line to complete the look.



Use the right side shape of the Cat Eyes tool and repeat steps 1 & 2. It's just that simple!

Achieve 3 Cat Eye Looks With 1 Tool



Use this stamp to achieve a dramatic look. Great for a night out with friends!



Use this stamp to achieve a sassy and flirty look.  



Use this stamp to achieve a whimsical look. Great for a date night!

The current Cat Eyes by Raquel shapes are named after strong, independent, supportive women in Rachel's life who have inspired her to achieve her goals and dream bigger than big.

Showing Some Love


Kristina Guerrero, TV Personality, Host of The List

"I stopped attempting a cat eye look after I was late to one too many parties. The Cat Eyes By Raquel Kit has made it easier and more convenient to achieve the dramatic look without the drama."


Jenn Brown, TV Host

"I shied away from doing a cat eye look because it always came out uneven. This tool makes it super easy and is a must for anyone who wants a perfect cat eye every time!"


Brandy Moreno, Celebrity Make Up Artist

"I love Cat Eyes By Raquel. It makes it fun to try different cat eye looks!  If you have trouble making your sister wings look like twins, then this is the product for you!"


Ashlan Gorse Cousteau, Carribean Pirate Treasure Host

"Cat Eyes by Raquel has saved me so much time. I'm able to easily apply a fun or sophisticated look on the go."


Jen Herrera, Las Bandas Be Brave CEO

"Every girl needs to have this product in her makeup bag! I've used this over and over with consistent results. So simple!"